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Need To Sell Your Farm Or Ranch Fast?


*Sell In 30-60 Days - You Set The Date


*You Control The Terms Of The Sale


*Serious, Quality Buyers Ready To Act

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Sell Your Farm Or Ranch Efficiently & Effectively

Learn how you can auction your farm property in 30 to 60 days so you can move forward with your life.

The auction selling method offers a refreshing sales option, exposes your farm or ranch to a wider market of qualified buyers and, ultimately, allows you to obtain true market value price in the shortest period of time. From farm and land, to complete ranch dispersals, the auction method of accelerated marketing is increasingly becoming owners first choice to efficiently and quickly sell their agricultural asset.

The auction method of marketing can be a very successful option for quickly liquidating your land, farm or ranch. By creating local, regional, national, and often international interest for the seller's properties, the auction approach maximizes value through the use of innovative techniques designed to force qualified buyers into a competitive bidding environment. Creating buyer urgency through the competitive bidding process and custom targeted marketing techniques enables the seller the potential to generate the highest possible return on their agricultural asset.

The aggressive marketing program separates the "lookers" from the serious, qualified buyers ready, willing, and able to compete to own your property. Unlike the more traditional style of selling, the auction method process focuses solely on your property, not any property that happens to be included in a multiple listing service.

Selling Your Farm Or Ranch Via The Auction Method Can Offer:

  • Time Definite Sale.
  • Auctions take the speculation out of predicting when your agricultural property will sell. The auction method will allow you the luxury of knowing the exact day your farm or ranch will be sold.
  • No Contingencies.
  • All sales are cash, contingency free sales. No negotiations, no contingencies (financing, sale of buyers asset, etc.) - you control the sale and the buyers have to act on your schedule. The terms and conditions that you set helps eliminate the non serious buyer and creates a sense of urgency for the serious, qualified buyers.
  • Exclusivity.
  • The focus in on only your property. Your property is exclusively displayed to the target market that would have most interest in your specific agricultural property type. The marketing system is developed to reach a global audience and find the buyers in the market that are ready, able and willing to buy your asset now!
  • Price.
  • Each farm or ranch is different with its own unique characteristics. With these differences, many farm or ranch properties have few 'comparable sales' upon which to base a true appraisal. Auctions establish the current fair market value and eliminate guesswork in determining the asking price. There is no limit to the upside price potential that the competitive auction environment can produce.
  • No Commissions.
  • The winning bidder on your property is charged a buyer's premium, therefore you are NOT responsible for paying a commission; unlike when you utilize the traditional method of listing with a Realtor.

The auction method of marketing can provide numerous seller benefits and be an overall excellent option for land, farm and ranch owners needing to liquidate fast.

Sellers Are Turning To Auctions For Quick RESULTS

The pace of traditional sales methods oftentimes leave farm and ranch property languishing on the market for months on end or even years. The long wait can quickly become a burden both financially and emotionally.

As the market rapidly changes, so to must the way we market and sell agricultural real estate. Gone are the days where auctions were used only for distressed properties and foreclosures.

Savvy owners are turning to farm and ranch auctioneers to implement the accelerated marketing approach for an efficient and effective selling option. Auctions are quickly increasing in popularity as sellers see the benefits the auction option affords.

Take the next step and connect with a Farm & Ranch Real Estate Auction Company in your area to see if your farm qualifies as a good auction candidate.


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